Women’s World Cup 2017

The sporting calendar of 2017 is filled with many exciting events. Among these events is the Women’s World Cup 2017. The global sporting platform is a once every four years event. This year the champions get to defend their title in England and Wales.

Women’s World Cup 2017

Although the women’s World Cup is less popular than the men’s equivalent it does command a large legion of followers. Not just gamblers looking to make real money by betting either at online gambling sites or at land based establishments. Online gamblers are real supporters of the sport, possibly enough to fill Lord’s. Just like the guys. You can visit www.toponlinecasinos.co.za for more information.

There are 8 teams participating in the Women’s World Cup 2017.  The favourites to win the tourney are England. This is because they are home.  However, they will face stiff competition from the other teams. They will be playing a single league format. This means each team gets to play all the other teams at least once.

Other teams that will be contending for the top spot are traditional women’s cricket powerhouses. Teams that have dominated the world of women’s cricket over the years. However, all the teams are coming to the World Cup with the sole intention of bringing the cup home.

The tournament promises to be as entertaining as or even more spectacular than all the other previous editions. As a sporting event the women’s World Cup has managed to gather a lot of support from the corporate world. The high level of professionalism and talent displayed by the ladies over the years has caught the attention of the world. This has led to the sporting event having a large viewership. It is the large audience that the sport commands that has increased the money coming to the sport. After all everyone wants to be associated with what is popular.

Despite the potential to make money at the event, the sport is very fun. Everyone involved in the tournament regardless of the financial rewards will enjoy watching the ladies battle it out. Even if they do not the rest of the world definitely will.