The Honeymooners Guide to New Zealand

Your honeymoon is meant to be an experience that you will remember. It should be intimate, romantic, and something that you will never forget. One of the most romantic honeymoon getaways is New Zealand. If the beauty in this country tempts you to spend your honeymoon there, do not to do these ten romantic things.

#1: Air Balloon Over the Beautiful Sights

What better way to take in the view of a country than with an air balloon ride? With only a tour guide along for the ride, hold each other close and enjoy the intimacy as you soak in all of the beauty that the rolling New Zealand landscape has to offer.

#2: Take a Scenic Flight Over the Landscapes

The higher you go, the more of the landscape you will be able to see. Take a scenic flight to view the mountains and coasts that New Zealand has to offer. The incredible views will take your breath away- almost as much as your sweetheart does.

#3: Cycle through the Vineyards

New Zealand also has large vineyards. Rent a couple of bicycles and take a nice ride through the vineyard trails. Be sure you store all your valuables in a durable waterproof bag, such as the ones at Don’t forget to stop and sample some of the delicious local vintage wine as you go.

#4: Treat Yourself to a Boutique Lodge

The boutique lodges of New Zealand are the perfect place to stir up a little romance while you relax in luxury. You can choose to stay in a boutique guest house, historic estate, or even a vineyard cottage as you enjoy the hospitality of the area.

#5: Take Advantage of Spa Services

Whether they are included in your honeymoon package or not, you have to check out the spas. You and your spouse can either soak in a Rotorua mud bath and then enjoy a massage, or splurge on yourselves with pampering that will put your body, mind, and soul into a state of relaxation.

#6: Ride Horses at Dusk

New Zealand has a relatively low level of pollution and beautiful coasts. Why not take advantage of this and climb atop two horses to ride along the beach at dusk? You can watch the sunset in the clear skies of New Zealand, sparking romance for the night ahead of you.

#7: Go on a Helicopter Date

This country really is made for sweethearts. New Zealand even offers helicopter rides to secluded locations. Here, you will find a gourmet picnic set up featuring fine wine from the local vineyards and a delicious assortment of foods. The best part is that the area really is secluded- you won’t have other tourists popping up as you are trying to spark a little romance.

#8: Take in the Southern Cross

One of the most visible constellations in the country is the Southern Cross. The low level of light pollution and dark skies really let it light up. And what is more, romantic than spending the night gazing at stars with your sweetie? Don’t forget to uncork a bottle of champagne or bring along some vintage wine for the occasion.

#9: Take a Tandem Dive

If you can convince your spouse to do something new, take a tandem dive. This romantic form of skydiving will definitely bring your romance level to new heights as you soar over the fields of New Zealand.

#10: Sail Along the Coasts

Another way to spark a little romance is to take in the view of the coasts from out on the water. Climb aboard a ship and take in the abundant marine animals and mesmerizing islands, basking in the beauty of all that New Zealand has to offer.

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  1. I love New Zealand. I’m such a nerd that if I did my honeymoon in New Zealand I would probably spend most of the time checking out where they filmed Lord of the Rings haha

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