My Antarctica Trip 2010

So far in life my favourite trip was my amazing Antarctica adventure in November 2010. Not only did it complete my visit to all seven continents, but I met my long term backpacking boyfriend Jonny on this trip too!

panny yu antarctica 2010

My Antarctica Trip in 2010!

We started in Ushuaia in Argentina and headed down across the shaky Drake Passage. Our first landing was at Barrientos and the trip was a special 13 day one. I booked it last minute and got a special deal!

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  1. Hi Panny,
    I came across your travel blog in the internet. found it very interesting and quite amazing. You are really an inspiration to everyone. I loved your Antarctica experience. I would like to take my wife there as that’s one of her dream destinations to watch the penguins. please could you help or advise me to plan my trip. please share your experiences . I live in London and I would like to travel to Antarctica with my wife .. want to plan a surprise trip . would be able to help.

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