An Overview Of English Teaching In Hong Kong

So is it easy to get a job as a Native English Teacher in Hong Kong? Combine those components with the fact that there are presently not enough native English speaking instructors within the country, and it might be that Hong Kong is the perfect place if you are entertaining the concept of teaching or […]

My Birthday Treat in Casa Morada, San Cristobal, Mexico

I stayed in the city of San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico for my birthday and was treated by my boyfriend to a wonderful 4 star hotel and with some surprises. We stayed in the totally fantastic Hotel Villas Casa Morada for a night of luxury. Check out my awesome photos from a special […]

Follow Travelling Hong Kong Girl on Twitter

Hi everyone, I am now on Twitter! I look forward to interacting with you all on my Twitter feed. I am new to it, so I will put my posts up there and follow others. Travelling Hong Kong Girl on Twitter Come and follow me – especially if you are from Hong Kong and like […]

My Iraq Trip 2014

My boyfriend and I toured the Middle East in 2013 – 2014 and for a surprise we decided to visit Northern Iraq on the last part of this tour. The reason was – not many travellers will want to go there and we knew it would be special. It really was! We toured Iraqi Kurdistan […]

My Antarctica Trip 2010

So far in life my favourite trip was my amazing Antarctica adventure in November 2010. Not only did it complete my visit to all seven continents, but I met my long term backpacking boyfriend Jonny on this trip too! We started in Ushuaia in Argentina and headed down across the shaky Drake Passage. Our first […]

Jo San La!!!

Jo san la!!! I am Panny Yu and I am from Hong Kong a ma. Yes, my main language is Cantonese (Guangdonghua) and we often speak with a “la” and “a ma” twang even in English. I have studied English in New Zealand and travelled to all seven continents. On this site I aim to […]