Excellent New Book on Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru

Long term backpacker Jonny Blair reports on the Fake Inca Trail… Is there honestly a ‘fake’ Inca Trail? Yes, there is and every single day unaware travellers sign up for it and do it without even knowing. I’m here to tell you how to make sure you do the real Inca Trail, which let’s be […]

Some Smoking Experiences from my Travels

When you go backpacking round the world as a smoker, you need to be aware of the cultures you are jaunting through. For example, smoking cannabis may be perfectly acceptable in the coffee houses of Amsterdam as nobody flinches an eyelid. However the entire world is not the same. On my journeys, I’ve highlighted 5 […]

My Travels in Suriname: Sugar Cane Tour

My boyfriend Jonny told me about his trip to Suriname in 2011 and I was intrigued to visit too. So we both agreed to go there this year. I didn’t need a visa (HA!) but my boyfriend had to get one in Cayenne as we backpacked our way to Suriname! The former Dutch colony of […]

Visiting the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

This week I visited the awesome Kaieteur Falls in Guyana! When we arrived in Georgetown we booked with Dagron tours who are an excellent company who organise and specialise in tours in Guyana. The next day we headed to the Ogle International Airport and boarded a small plane bound for the jungle! I was very […]