Some Smoking Experiences from my Travels

When you go backpacking round the world as a smoker, you need to be aware of the cultures you are jaunting through. For example, smoking cannabis may be perfectly acceptable in the coffee houses of Amsterdam as nobody flinches an eyelid. However the entire world is not the same. On my journeys, I’ve highlighted 5 […]

My Dubai Trip 2013

I’ve actually been to Dubai twice on my travels, back in 2003 and then again last year in 2013. It has changed a lot in that time, and while it’s not my favourite city due to the almost “fakeness” of it, it does allow for luxury and relaxation which is pretty rare for me as […]

My Iran Trip 2013

I totally loved Iran and we spent a full month there in 2013. After getting an Iran Visa in Trabzon, Turkey we crossed the border into Bazargan and toured as much of the country as we could. I totally loved Iran.