Women’s World Cup 2017

The sporting calendar of 2017 is filled with many exciting events. Among these events is the Women’s World Cup 2017. The global sporting platform is a once every four years event. This year the champions get to defend their title in England and Wales. Although the women’s World Cup is less popular than the men’s […]

Best Events in London, England

London sits at the top the rankings for three major independent indices, it is the world’s leading destination for sporting events, global events, some music festivals and I love it more on every visit. The city has an unrivalled range of world class facilities available, and also the expertise to develop suitably world-class events to […]

Backpacking in Germany: Top 5 Sights in Hannover

As a Hong Kong girl, backpacking in Germany seemed like a dream when I was a child but somehow I was able to do it. I toured a lot of cool cities here including Munich, Koln and Berlin. But an unusual off the ball highlight was when I went backpacking through the streets of Hannover. […]

Some Smoking Experiences from my Travels

When you go backpacking round the world as a smoker, you need to be aware of the cultures you are jaunting through. For example, smoking cannabis may be perfectly acceptable in the coffee houses of Amsterdam as nobody flinches an eyelid. However the entire world is not the same. On my journeys, I’ve highlighted 5 […]

My Travels in Netherlands: Top 5 in Amsterdam

On my European trip in 2012 I got to experience Amsterdam for the first time. But really, there is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that I’ve still only scratched the surface. Here are 5 of the highlights from Amsterdam. 1. Try Cannabis OK so I’m a girl and I don’t like smoking or drinking […]