Hong Kong Living Ideas

In Hong Kong you can find a load of really cool places to live. Whether you want a high rise, a small flat or a mansion by the beach it’s a city which clearly caters to everyone and is worth checking out. This will give a good overview into life in the Kong! All over […]

Hong Kong for the Native HK Girl

Living in Hong Kong never grows old. However, for the native girl like me, there are times when you want to break from routine and experience something new. There are also times when it is just good fun to play tourist in your home town. The following five ideas are great ways for native HK […]

My Tips For Saving Money on Holiday

Nothing refreshes the body and soul more than an enjoyable holiday, even for a hardcore backpacker like the Travelling Hong Kong Girl.  Even trips to new locations found close to home are rewarding; if not simply for the change of scenery they provide.  Travel opens your mind to new perspectives and exposes you to diverse […]