My Travels in Suriname: Sugar Cane Tour

My boyfriend Jonny told me about his trip to Suriname in 2011 and I was intrigued to visit too. So we both agreed to go there this year. I didn’t need a visa (HA!) but my boyfriend had to get one in Cayenne as we backpacked our way to Suriname! The former Dutch colony of […]

My Travels to Kampong Ayer, Brunei

About 10% of Brunei’s entire population lives in Kampong Ayer, known as the ‘Water Village’ in English. (Note that the Malaysian spelling drops the double o, making it Kampong Ayer). Having begun its existence 1,300 years ago, it’s a very special place, where all of the buildings hover over the Brunei River, held up by […]

Touring the The Temples of Hyderabad in India

Even though Hyderabad is often thought of as one of India’s most technologically advanced cities, and is known for its forward thinking, eco-friendly urban initiatives, it is also overflowing with significant historical sites and amazing temples. So, for travellers with an interest in architecture or spiritual matters, it should be definitely be on the itinerary. […]