My Dubai Trip 2013

I’ve actually been to Dubai twice on my travels, back in 2003 and then again last year in 2013. It has changed a lot in that time, and while it’s not my favourite city due to the almost “fakeness” of it, it does allow for luxury and relaxation which is pretty rare for me as […]

My Tips on Transportation for Travellers To Sydney, Australia

I spent 5 years living in New Zealand and also been to Australia a few times. It’s a part of the world I love! If you’re visiting Sydney but worried you won’t be able to get places without private transportation, I thought I’d give you a rundown. Have no fear and don’t grieve over your situation, […]

My North Korea Trip 2013

2013 was a very busy year for me as the Travelling Hong Kong Girl visited about 10 new countries in one year including Iran, Israel, Brunei and North Korea. Although I had stepped foot in North Korea in 2011 at the border with South Korea, I finally got round to booking a tour in 2013.

My Iran Trip 2013

I totally loved Iran and we spent a full month there in 2013. After getting an Iran Visa in Trabzon, Turkey we crossed the border into Bazargan and toured as much of the country as we could. I totally loved Iran.  

My Iraq Trip 2014

My boyfriend and I toured the Middle East in 2013 – 2014 and for a surprise we decided to visit Northern Iraq on the last part of this tour. The reason was – not many travellers will want to go there and we knew it would be special. It really was! We toured Iraqi Kurdistan […]

My Antarctica Trip 2010

So far in life my favourite trip was my amazing Antarctica adventure in November 2010. Not only did it complete my visit to all seven continents, but I met my long term backpacking boyfriend Jonny on this trip too! We started in Ushuaia in Argentina and headed down across the shaky Drake Passage. Our first […]

Jo San La!!!

Jo san la!!! I am Panny Yu and I am from Hong Kong a ma. Yes, my main language is Cantonese (Guangdonghua) and we often speak with a “la” and “a ma” twang even in English. I have studied English in New Zealand and travelled to all seven continents. On this site I aim to […]